Paper Scrap Beads

I’m sure that a lot of folks know how to make these paper beads.  I think that I first learned when I was very young with days-old newspapers and magazine scraps, a few toothpicks, and a bit of glue.

The key to making these beads is to wind the paper tightly around a toothpick or wooden skewer, and to cut the paper strips relatively thin in width.  I personally like to narrow the strips at one end (you can see that a bit in the photo above).

If you don’t mind having sticky fingers, you should do very well creating these basic paper beads!


♦  paper scraps to make strips (from magazines [I like to use the pages that have dual advertisements on both sides] or newspapers)

♦  scissors

♦  glue (I think a glue stick works best)

♦  toothpicks or wooden skewers

A few beads made from paper scraps. Just put a line of glue all down the paper strips and wind them around toothpicks or skewers to make your own!

When you have finished making a stack of beads, you can fashion a bracelet or necklace by stringing them together, or add one to a bookmark and make a bead tassel for decoration.  You could also hang the beads in strands from the ceiling or in a doorway, or make a garland for parties.