Ribbon Remnant Wine Markers

I went to a party the other night and the hostess, my pal Sarah, had a great idea for wine markers: she used ribbon remnants to tie pretty bows in different colors and patterns around the stem of each wine glass.

This is what I call a "fishtail loop."

I love this idea because it’s a fun way to use up scraps of ribbon that may be too small for gift wrapping or those little bits that stubbornly cling to the end of the roll.

If there is not enough ribbon to make a pretty bow, just make a fishtail loop (see right) and secure the ends with a brad pushed through a hole punched through each ribbon piece where they overlap.  Adjust the fit to make sure the loop is tight around the stem of the glass.  You can punch a hole with an eyelet setter.  Or if you are pressed for time, use a bit of double-sided tape to make a quick ribbon wine marker.

Genius!  Thanks for the tip!