For The Birdz…

A few days ago, I realized that my yard is missing something other than the gargantuan tree that was removed last month.

There are no more songbirds, cardinals, or robins. While I removed the massive tree that killed my driveway, lawn, and hopes of gardening, I also removed their habitat.

So today, I tried to right the wrong a bit by going shopping for a birdhouse or feeder. I had no idea how many styles there were or that a simple bird feeder or whimsical bird house could be so costly, after all, I’m not living there, the birds are.

Some bird houses had wreaths as if to say "Welcome to my yard..."

I was also a bit disappointed at the lack of creativity in bird housing available at most retailers near me.

My favorite was an over-sized green pepper that I might venture back to claim this weekend.

This was the birdhouse I liked best...