Post Card Art

I am always looking for affordable ways to decorate my home, and one of my favorite tricks is to use post cards as framed art.

At home, I have used post cards of paintings and sculptures, but there are many options…even vintage images!

Here is an example of a post card I bought at the Louvre in Paris and then framed:

I have a collection of framed post cards depicting the artwork of Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

There are many advantages to using framed post cards as art, like cost, customization, and the ability to change the images at will.

Post cards are cheap, and if you group them together, they will fill any blank wall space.  You can also find cost-effective frames at discount stores.  I generally try to arrange the frames in rows, rectangles, or squares and in groups of 2 or more for effect.

It is simple to use a craft knife and cut away the edges of a post card to only display the parts of the main image that you like.  Then, I use thick, archival paper to mount the post card inside the frame.  I like to use black, but there are all sorts of colors available.

The nice thing about post cards is that you can swap them out if your interests change, and since they make interesting wall art at a bargain price, the only real cost is the frame!