Dessert Crêpe Batter

I was in the mood for something sweet today, but these crêpes are so light that you scarcely feel as if you are eating dessert.

I came up with this recipe for crêpe batter while fiddling around in the kitchen, and I topped some of the crêpes with chocolate hazelnut spread and others with strawberry rhubarb.  You could also spoon on some whipped cream and drizzle the crêpes with chocolate ganache, or use fresh fruit and caramel.

Dessert Crêpe Batter
Makes 8-10 crêpes, depending on the pan size.

2 large eggs
nearly 1 cup of milk or cream
nearly 1 cup of water
1 1/8 cup of all-purpose flour
1 heaping tablespoon of vegetable oil
pinch of salt
generous sprinkling of ground cinnamon (you could substitute the contents of one vanilla bean, cut open and scraped and add a bit of pure vanilla in the batter…YUM)
a bit of butter

Beat the eggs with a whisk, then add the other ingredients, whisking the mixture together until it forms a smooth batter.  The batter should be thick enough, but if it appears thin, add a bit more flour.

On the stove-top, heat up a small frying pan with a bit of butter on medium-high, allowing it to melt and coat the bottom and sides of the pan so that the crêpes won’t stick.

Side-note:  It is important to use a pan that is big enough.  Mine was a bit small, about 5 inches, and so the crêpes were a bit thicker than normal.  Most crêpe pans are about 8-10 inches in diameter, so aim for a pan about that size.

I used the 1/8 measuring cup to dole out the batter.  I used about two cup-fuls for each crêpe.

You need to work quickly once the batter is in the pan to turn, twist, and distribute the batter evenly to make a thin, round layer.  Allow the batter to cook for a few minutes, then flip and cook the reverse side.  Some golden brown spots are normal.

Store the crêpes in between waxed paper if you don’t think you’ll eat them all at once….when I made them today, there were none left!