Wine Cork Stamp-ede!

Ok, that was a sad play on words…but these wine cork stamps are decidedly more clever!

This summer, I have already made place cards from old wine corks (Place Card Primer: Recycled Wine Corks) and now, I thought I would combine my love of fun stationery with my copious collection of corks in one blog post.

I grabbed mon mari and our utility and craft knives, and got to work!

Wine Cork Stamps

 Quick Note: Obviously, stamps made from wine corks are going to be pretty small, so it is best to choose designs and objects that will fit nicely in a tiny round area.  I cannot stress enough how many times I almost cut myself, so be very careful!

wine corks, I opted not to use the plastic ones…ugh, why do they even make those?
craft knife or utility blade
colored ink pads

Begin by brainstorming your stamp shapes.  I tried all sorts of shapes: an ice cream cone, a coffee mug, a shamrock, a doggie paw, a few alphabet letters…

Draw a rough design of each stamp on the flattest end of your first cork with a pen.  I went with black ink, so that it showed up well on the cork.

Take the cork in your hand and cut a circle gently all around the cork with your craft knife, just beneath the rounded end you drew on.  This method is the same as the one I used for Homemade Potato Stamps, see that entry for more info. Some corks have a nifty line or a change in color that can help you out.  See:

Here is a cork with lines just the right distance down the side. The top line nearest the stamp was the marker I used to cut all around the cork.

This the type of craft knife I used. You want something sturdy that you can easily handle and control.

Here is the line that you should cut around the cork near the surface where your stamp will be. I have cut most of it away, but you can see it there...

Take the craft knife firmly in your hands and begin to cut away at the shape you have drawn.  It is important to cut the shape out of the surrounding cork so that it makes a raised surface suitable for stamping.  Cut down to the circle you cut around the cork.

Cutting down...

Wedge the cork bits out from around your stamp.

I tried to show on one that broke (that will happen) how to cut away the cork bits from the shape.

When the shapes are cut away from the cork base they should look a bit like this:

Here is the doggie paw.

Stamp the shapes in the ink you have chosen and enjoy!  They turn out a bit more rustic than you might think, but still fun!

Here is a fish stamp with golden-brown ink...

A pink doggie paw...I thought this was one of the cutest! Wow, this is a really close shot though!

A coffee mug stamp and the finished result...