Re-purposing Recyclables: Tin

There is something so charming about a tin, whether it is big or small.  Tins are super for storage and they can tell a story with their pictures, phrases, and history.

I love to keep colorful food and gift tins around my home to stash pantry staples, cookies, and supplies in.

I couldn’t imagine throwing a perfectly good tin in the garbage when it can have a new life on my kitchen counter, in my pantry, or with my crafting and sewing accessories.

This tin came with delicious cookies inside. I may have purchased it for the orange color -- the contents were an added bonus!

This spaghetti tin is affordable and reusable. For only a few dollars, I got the first batch of spaghetti and a permanent pantry home for any subsequent pasta!

This tea tin was purchased on vacation at one of my very favorite Middle Eastern markets. The market has a little restaurant that serves the most delicious gyros and baklava. The tin reminds me of the memorable years I spent in that town, and of a very special friend. It also houses some of the best Earl Grey I have ever tasted.

This seasonal tin is a souvenir from one of my previous jobs, and reminds me of a really funny story about hand-cut marshmallows. I have a companion tin to this one that is chocolate brown, and every time I see it, I laugh inside.

Even though some people might consider these tins trash, I never look at them that way.  To me, they evoke old memories and pleasant thoughts, and inspire me to engage in all the hobbies that fill my life with joy.

Add some tins to your home, perhaps you’ll feel the same!