Baby Tags

Lots of my friends and family seem to be welcoming new additions to their families lately.  In the last few months, three friends have had babies with different “E” names.

When I give a baby gift, I like to personalize it as much as possible.  I’m not the sort of gal to go for the cookie-cutter packaging available at stores.

For a recent baby gift, I made a fun elephant gift tag in no time.  It would be easy to make other custom tags in animal or baby shapes, or even monogram letters.  Of course, custom gift tags are not limited to baby events — they make a fun accent for birthday presents and other gifts too!

Baby Tags

Colored and/or patterned paper (I used pink construction paper and card stock)
Glue stick
Ribbon (grosgrain, craft ribbon, or gift wrapping ribbon)
Hole punch or craft punch
Optional: embellishments like charms, buttons, glitter

Begin by choosing a shape.  Here, I did a simple freehand drawing of a baby elephant.  You could do any animal, or a baby shape like a baby buggy or a rattle, or even a large alphabet letter representing the baby’s name.  If you are unsure of your drawing skills use characters from wrapping paper, greeting cards, or baby accessories as a guide.

I cut two shapes.  The top is decorative, and the bottom shape is where the message is written.

Then glue each shape to another piece of paper.  You can vary the colors like I did, and even add further accents to each shape (coloring in eyes, ears, noses, feet, stripes on a zebra…) with contrasting papers.  I added a little “E” for the name of the child.

Cut each shape out and punch a hole for ribbon.  You can use a regular hole punch or a decorative craft punch.

Write your message on the bottom shape and thread the ribbon of your choice through the holes you have made.  The decorated shape (here, the elephant) should be on the top.

Tie the ribbon in a bow or a knot and curl the ends if desired.  Tape the ribbon to the package, or secure it to a gift bag or basket before knotting and/or tying the bow.