Origami Afternoon

This past weekend, I watched a great documentary film entitled Between The Folds about modern origami.

It made me remember folding inflatable paper balloons on the playground as a child, and left me wondering if I could still remember how to make them.

My origami “talent,” if you can call it that, pales in comparison to the origami enthusiasts featured in the documentary, but after a few tries, I remembered how to create these simple paper balloons:

Origami Paper Balloons

You will need:
¤  A square piece of paper — the bigger the paper, the easier the balloon is to fold.  Once you make a single balloon, then you can experiment with sizes.  White copy paper works fine for beginners.
¤  Patience

Here is a children’s web tutorial that explains all the steps better than I ever could:  http://web-japan.org/kidsweb/virtual/origami2/exploring01_04.html

Once you make the first balloon, the rest can be made rather quickly. There are so many patterned craft papers out there to add interest to these simple balloons!

I always liked these paper balloons, because when you are finished, you get to blow them up.  I think they would be a cute table accessory (maybe even place cards?!?) for a birthday party or an outdoor fête.

A sea of rainbow colored balloons….what could be more fun?