Falling for Trinkets

Last year, I saw some salt and pepper shakers of a little Asian couple in blue and white porcelain.  The man was the pepper shaker, and the salt was the lady.  I didn’t buy them because I thought they might go on sale.  Fatal shopping error #1.

There were eleven sets of shakers in the store when I first visited, and when I returned a few weeks later, there were none left.  Not one set.  My visits to subsequent stores also proved fruitless.  The salt and pepper shakers I had coveted were gone.

Since then, I have learned a painful lesson.  If an item really strikes me, and it’s affordable, I go ahead and buy it.  You can always return it if you change your mind!

Over a week ago, I was in another store and saw a red and white porcelain salt and pepper set featuring a similar Asian couple.  I marched right up to the cashier and bought them without hesitation.  I still long for the blue and white, but the new set will make a whimsical addition to my next Asian-themed dinner party!

Live and learn, if you hate it … then return!