Re-purposing Recyclables: Glass

One of the goals I try to accomplish in everyday life is to use what I already have to create beautiful and functional items for my home.

I recycle, as I suspect many folks do, but I also try to keep and re-purpose my recyclables whenever possible.  I like to give new life to jars and bottles after a good cleaning.  Here are a few of the ways I like to re-use glass containers in my home:

To Organize Clutter:

Jars can be great to store collectibles or everyday items within reach.

I had about a dozen of these little jars that previously held discount-store candles. Now, after removing the candle remnants and scrubbing them, the jars hold some of my craft supplies.

I have a lot of desk supplies, and I happen to use binder clips quite a bit.  Here is how I store them:

This was originally an olive jar, and I tied a grosgrain ribbon in a bow around the rim.

For Fun:

I like to use jars for gifts (like Luxurious Sugar Scrub or homemade candies).

There are all sorts of shapes, hues, and types of jars. I try to look for jars that have interesting details or a fun lid.

For Décor:

Fill a clean jar with potpourri, acorns, rocks, or seashells to grace a mantle, side table or bookshelf.  The possibilities are endless.

A glass bottle can be a vase, or a bookend if you fill it with sand, colored glass bits, beads, or pebbles.

Glass bottles can also be an affordable centerpiece if you vary the heights and shapes.  Put some tea lights in between and around the bottles and you’re ready for a special meal!

The bottle on the left was a miniature wine bottle, and the bottle on the right was filled with olive oil.

How do you like to use recyclable glass?