Place Card Primer: Espresso Cups

I love small, dainty things. I always have.

Make any cookware or gadget in miniature form and I will buy it. I’m very much a sucker that way.

“Do I really need a set of mini cookie cutters when one is shaped like a shoe?”

Why yes, yes I do.

Therefore, it’s no wonder I have a few sets of espresso cups and saucers. But did you know a set of these diminutive cups can make adorable and easy place cards?

A set of espresso cups, all ready to come to dinner.

Use any set of espresso cups: once you decorate them, you can fill them with espresso (naturally), coffee, brewed tea, or even small desserts like pudding, a scoop of gelato, or meringue pieces topped with fresh fruit.

I like this white set. I have about ten of them with saucers. But colored cups and saucers are great too!

You can use the saucers and provide a welcome rest for a small spoon:

I used ribbon, craft paper, and a decorative scissors to make the tags. Just tie them firmly to the handle with a pretty bow.

Or do without:

If you find that the table is beginning to look cluttered, omit the saucer, and leave a cup at each place setting.

Happy Entertaining!