Meticulous Manuals

It seems as though every appliance and space-guzzling gadget has a owner’s manual, and quite possibly, warranty paperwork.  How to make sense of it all?

I honestly can’t take the credit for this great organizational method – my mother came up with it – but I think it’s so simple and wonderful that I had to share it here.

Organizing Manuals and Product Information:

  Retain proof-of-purchase by stapling the original receipt to the front or inside cover of the owner’s manual, also write the make and model of the item, the date of purchase, the store location, the method of payment, and any personnel who assisted you on the manual for quick reference in the event of a problem

  Keep manuals, rebate paperwork, and warranty information for each gadget together by fastening them with a binder clip, paperclip, or staple

  If you have any services performed on an appliance, keep repair information with your original manual in the same location

  Store all manuals in one place, like a designated drawer or bookcase shelf, use magazine files, hanging files and boxes, or large manilla envelopes to keep manuals within reach for easy reference