Simple Almond Soap Balls

One of my six homemade soap balls. Ridiculously easy!

I have been wanting to make homemade soap since last winter.  One chilly day in December, I found myself in a fancy shop perusing the handmade soaps with their exotic fragrances and ingredients like lemongrass, coconut, sage, mint, and lavender.  When I turned a bar over for a look at the price tag, I nearly choked.

I am all for fresh herbs and botanicals in personal care items, but let’s be honest about the inflated prices…you’re literally washing the money down the drain…

It was then that I first thought about making my own soap, but I quickly forgot about the idea.  It popped back into my head during an afternoon tea with a good friend of mine about two months ago.  This friend had a soap making book, molds, the whole nine yards…I was intrigued.

Yesterday, I remembered a great little book that came with a spa gift set I was given several years ago by one of my dearest friends.  I dug the book out today and stumbled across a simple recipe for creating soap balls at home with very little effort, and so I did!

◊ Simple Almond Soap Balls
Makes 6 small balls.

This recipe is adapted from “Lavender Soap Balls” from the book Home Spa by Greta Breedlove.  More information on the original publication is available on the Resources page.

I tweaked the recipe to suit my tastes, but it has also been halved from the original: the original recipe yields 12 small, soap balls.  Just double the recipe for more soap!

1 bar of natural, unscented soap
1/4 cup sliced almonds
1 tablespoon almond bath oil
1 tablespoon jojoba oil
1/8 cup warm water

stainless steel bowl
cheese grater
rolling pin
baking sheet covered with wax paper

Begin by grating the bar soap into the bowl.

This is the bar soap I used. You can use any brand you like. One of my favorite lines of skin care products has an inexpensive, unscented bar and this is it.

Here is the bar soap all grated and ready to go.

Next prepare the almonds.  I measured the almonds out and put them into a plastic food storage bag.  Then I attacked them with my rolling pin to crush them.

The sliced almonds measured out.

The almonds got a crushing. Of course, a food processor works just as well.

Add the almonds to the bowl.  Add the jojoba oil and almond bath oil.  Finally, add the warm water.

The combination of the soap with the oil and almonds...smells good already!

Use your hands to combine the ingredients into a workable paste:

Here is the paste, ready to be shaped into soap balls!

Divide the mixture into sixths and roll 1/6 of the almond paste into a ball.  Repeat with the rest of the paste.

Here is one of the balls I made.

Place the balls onto wax paper and allow them to dry in the open air for two days.

Six little soap balls, all in rows.

I will post updated pictures here once the soap balls have dried completely.  Be sure to check back in two days!

→  UPDATE:  You can really see how dry the soap balls get when you compare the close-up photos (above) to this one:

This is a soap ball after two days of drying...a tiny bit of soap may still get on your fingers when you touch it, but for homemade soap, I love it!

Side-note:  I would highly recommend the book Home Spa for its recipes and instructions for creating everything from hair treatments, to sunscreen and massage oils.  It’s a wonderful resource.

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