Tips and Tricks for La Maison, Vol. VI

Here are a few tricks that reuse common items for the home and garden:

 Recycle Paint Sticks in the Garden

This first tip is all about two “green” ways to use leftover paint stir sticks from home improvement projects.

First, I like to use the sticks in the garden to mark my plants or differentiate herbs from one another.

An additional use is to provide support to large plants like tomatoes, that may need to be tethered to a stick to stay upright during the growing season. Since the sticks are free at most paint counters, they are an affordable addition to your garden.

 Reuse Spice Jars and Buy Loose Spices

I have been doing this trick for years now. I buy good-quality spice jars and when the spices run out, I just purchase loose spices to refill the jars.

You can buy a set of jars inexpensively at a home store or wash out and sterilize glass jars that you already have in the pantry. I especially like the larger-mouthed jars that fit whole tablespoons inside for ease in measuring while I cook.

 Invest in a Rain Barrel

I read an article about rain water collection a few months back, and it seems wherever I go now, I see rain barrels for sale. These barrels provide an aesthetically-pleasing way to collect rain water for use in your garden and flower beds.

Just think of all the rain water that goes to waste with every summer storm! There are many different barrel designs to be found in stores, from multi-gallon, large models to smaller barrels for folks with patio and container gardens.  Some even attach to a drain spout.  Rain barrels are decidedly an easy and near-effortless way to save money on your watering bill.

What are your favorite “green” tips?