“Starburst” Felt Scrap Napkin Rings

I have quite a lot of felt scraps among my fabric remnants.

I happened to use a lot of green felt in all different shades for our Halloween costumes last year.  We dressed as the Jolly Green Giant and Sprout.

I came across the bag I had stuffed full of neon green, lime green, deep emerald green, and dark forest green scraps yesterday and thought I could surely put a few of the scraps to a better use:

“Starburst” Felt Scrap Napkin Rings
Make as many rings as you want in all different colors!

♣  Felt scraps cut in various shapes (many of mine were just freehand scraps of triangles, rectangles, and polygons, OR you can cut actual points out of your scraps)
♣  Elastic hair bands (one for each napkin ring)

You can use thick or thin bands of all colors. I opted for the thinner bands.

♣  Felt circles (I made a two octagon-ish circles to serve as the backing for each napkin ring)
♣  Buttons, Beads, Jingle Bells, Charms, or Extra Felt Scrap for the center
♣  Pencil or Pen
♣  Scissors
♣  Needle and thread in coordinating or contrasting color

Begin by tracing felt circles that will form the base of each napkin ring.  I traced the bottom of a drinking glass.  If you are making four napkin rings, you will need eight circles, and so on.

Then, cut the circles out with scissors.

Here are four of the eight circles I made.

Next begin to tack on various pieces of felt starting around the outer edges of the felt circle.  You want to make a “starburst” shape, so this first row is comprised of the outer “spokes.”

Here is the first layer...

Once you have made a full circle, begin to move inwards in rows.  You will use less and less felt pieces as you move inward toward the center.  It is OK if some of the felt pieces overlap a bit, just cover the stitches with the next row of felt scraps.

The second layer, moving inwards...

The final layer before the center is the smallest, mine were only three or four pieces of felt.  One of them looked like this:

Sometimes, it is helpful to lay out the felt pieces on a flat surface before sewing them together to plan the shapes and colors as you go.

Here is how it looked sewn together:

The third layer...

To finish the “starburst,” sew a center of stacked felt pieces in the middle and top it with a button, bead, bell, charm, or a small felt scrap.  I just stitched a few times through the center to secure my stack of felt.

This is one of the stacks of colored felt I used for the centers. You can do shapes in three or four colors of felt and alternate them for a neat effect.

This is what it looks like finished.

You can cut into the “spokes” to create texture if you like.  I left them plain.

Turn the “starburst” over and sew another felt circle on top of the bottom circle you have stitched through to have a clean look to the reverse end.  Stitch all around the edge of the circle to secure it.

Finally, sew the rubber elastic hair tie to the center of the clean, felt circle bottom to make a ring.  Be sure to sew it on firmly.

Repeat the steps to create additional napkin rings, and make a set.

Four starbursts!

Here is the set all finished.


  These napkin rings could also be hair accessories (as completed) or brooches (use a safety pin or jewelry pin in place of the rubber band).

 Felt flowers can also add pizazz to place cards, table settings, and gifts, or be homemade Christmas ornaments.  Instead of the hair band, attach a string to the back or one of the “spokes” (to use on gifts or the holiday tree) or a dab of glue (to use on place cards), or just leave them plain (for table decor).