Refreshing Blackberry Malts

One of the desserts I remember mes parents making for me when I was growing up was a blackberry malt with fresh fruit, vanilla ice cream, and malted milk.  Mon père always liked to put nuts on the top of his, so I added the toasted almonds for him.

I can’t imagine anything more refreshing at the end of a hot summer day…

I just love the bright purplish hue of this malt.

Blackberry Malts
Makes 2 large malts or 4 smaller ones.

  • 6 oz. package of fresh blackberries, or about 1 cup of fruit (you can also use frozen fruit)
  • 1-2 scoops of softened vanilla ice cream (I used one big scoop)
  • 5 1/2 tablespoons malted milk mix (but I like my malts very “malty” — add malted milk mix to your taste)
  • 1/3 cup of milk or cream (to get the berries moving)
  • toasted almonds, to garnish

Optional: add a sprinkling of sugar (to taste) in with the berries and milk if the berries are too tart.

Combine the softened ice cream with the malted milk mix in a bowl.

Oh, how I love a good malt!

Stir to combine.

I stirred rather hastily, as you can see, but hey, I was thirsty!

Blend fruit and milk or cream in a blender.

Is there a more perfect fruit for a summer malt than the blackberry?

Add the ice cream malt mixture to the fruit mixture in the blender and pulse to finish the malts.  Fill two large glasses or four small glasses with the creamy, malt mixture and garnish each malt with toasted almonds.

Serve with a straw and spoon.  Delicious!