DIY Button Wine Charms

The other day, I was out shopping and I saw some wine glass charms on sale.  I took a closer look at them and realized that they were only made up of a charm and a few beads on a bent piece of wire.  I already had all the supplies in my home and my garage.

I thought to myself: “I can make these with buttons!”  And so I did:

Button Wine Charms

 Buttons of your choice (with 2 or 4 holes large enough to string onto wire)

With all the variations available in craft stores, you can make a set of themed wine charms easily.  Use a special color, fun shapes, alphabet letters, or even animals.

 Beads of your choice, at least three for each side of the charm (with holes big enough to string onto wire)
 Jewelry wire or metal wire from the home improvement store (it is important that the wire is flexible enough to bend, but not too flimsy)
 Wire cutter or scissors

Begin by cutting the wire into 7″ sections.  Two sections will be needed for each wine charm, so for a set of four wine charms, I made eight sections of wire, approximately 7″ each.

You will need two wires per wine charm.

Thread the buttons through the wire.  For a four-hole button, thread the first piece of wire diagonally through two holes of the button, and thread the second piece of wire diagonally through the remaining two holes.  The wire will make an “X” shape in the middle of the button.  See below.

Thread the wire through one button hole...

And then thread the wire diagonally through another hole.

All threaded.

For a two-hole button, take two sections of jewelry wire and thread both sections through the holes of the button, then proceed as directed in the following steps.  See the photos of the blue and orange wine charms.

Pull the wire so that there is an equal amount of wire on each side of the button.  Straighten the wires if needed.

Make a twist in the wires to secure the button in place on each side.

I tried to really zoom in on this shot, so that the two twists on either side of the back of the button are visible.

Begin on one side of the button wine charm and choose one of the two pieces of wire to be the beading wire and the other to be the twisting wire.

After the first twist you have made, thread on a bead on the beading wire you chose.  I used a small seed bead since this bead will be partially obscured by the button.  Hold the beading wire steady in one hand and twist with the twisting wire over the bead and after it to secure it to the beading wire.  You can make one or two twists after the bead.

Here goes the first bead...

Thread another bead onto the beading wire.  This time I used a larger bead because this bead will be seen when the charm is on a wine glass.  Use whatever color or shape you like.  Hold the beading wire steady in one hand and twist with the twisting wire over the larger bead and after it to secure it to the beading wire.  You can make two or three twists after the bead.

Next is a second, larger bead...

Thread another small bead onto the beading wire.  This time I used another seed bead since this bead is near the end of the charm.  Twist to secure this small bead to the beading wire.

Then the third bead...

To finish the end, keep twisting the twisting wire over the beading wire until you reach the end of the wires and no more twisting can be done.

Twist, twist, twist!

Repeat the beading process on the other side of the button to finish each charm.  You can vary the amount of beads and twists to suit your style.

When the charms are all beaded and twisted up, then you are ready to trim the ends.

Two wine charms all ready to be trimmed up.

If you have some excess wire bits that are not twisted together, snip them off with a wire cutter or scissors.

Just trim off any extra wire that might be left.

Twist the ends of each charm back, making a small loop.  You could also secure a bead to each end, but I just made loops.

Here is the set of wine charms all finished.

To secure the wine charms to wine glasses, simply wrap the wire of each charm in a circle around the stem of each glass.

Side-note I think these DIY wine charms would make a fun host/hostess gift and they are so easy to do!  Make several sets of them, or just a few!