Homemade Potato Stamps

Today I found a couple of soft potatoes hanging out in the bottom of my pantry and thought, “What am I going to do with these fellas?”  Then I remembered making homemade potato stamps when I was a child.  What a creative way to use up close-to-soggy potatoes!

This is a great project to add accents to blank stationery and journals, lunch bags, gift and name tags, plain wrapping paper (like brown paper bags), the inside cover of a book you have dedicated, or scrapbooks.


  • Potatoes (one potato yields 2 stamps)
  • Colored or Black Ink Pads
  • Knife
  • Mini Cookie and Pastry Cutters (or you can cut freehand, like you might carve a pumpkin)


Wash the potatoes and dry them.

Cut the potatoes in half.  You want to cut across the widest part of the middle of the potatoes to accommodate the width of your cookie and pastry cutters.

Next, gently push a cookie cutter into each potato half, pressing down firmly, and putting the cutter 3/4 of the way through the potato skin.

I used a leaf, a star, an acorn, and an apple. The cutters should stick out a bit.

Then, remove the cookie cutters and cut all the way around each potato half, about 1/4 to 1/2″ from the cut side.  Your knife should go into the flesh of the potato a bit as you make your way around.  In the end, you should have a circular cut that looks like a rim on the potato half.  See below.

See the rim?

Carefully, cut the potato flesh out in wedges from the shape left by the cookie cutter.  Cut into the potato from the exposed side (where the cookie cutter shape is) down to the rim all around the potato.

Since a rim was cut into the potato, the wedges should pop out pretty easily, once you cut down that far.  If you have trouble, try to get the top of the shape out, and don’t worry too much about the bottom.  The top area (near where the potato was cut in half) will be in the ink pad, and the bottom (nearest the skin-on potato end) doesn’t have to be perfect.

Gently tear away wedges of the potato flesh to make stamps.

Cut out all the shapes.  They should look something like this:

The leaf and the acorn stamps.

Use black or colored ink pads to ink the stamps.  You can use any colors you like.  I happened to have green ink.

Here is what the stamps looked like on paper.  I love how the stamped shapes have little bubbles and a unique look to them.  I may never buy stamps again!

Children-Friendly:  As long as children are old enough for this project and supervised by adults when using sharp objects, this is a fun activity to do together!  Children can use the cookie cutters, and parents can finish the cutting with the knife.