Place Card Primer: Recycled Wine Corks

I have a large, crystal vase full of old wine corks on my kitchen counter.  It would probably look beautiful filled with fresh flowers, but when you kill plants with the frequency that I do, a glass of wine is a much more likely sight in my kitchen than fresh blooms.

A few of my old wine corks...

I have TONS and TONS of wine corks that I have saved over the years: from dates, fun dinners, anniversaries, and just because.  I decided today to think of something productive to do with them…

Recycled Wine Cork Place Card Holders

♦  old wine corks (I tried to pick ones with interesting names and vibrant designs, you can also vary the colors)
♦  utility blade
♦  colored paper or card stock for name tags & embellishments (I used some craft ribbons)


Lay out your old wine corks and decide which sides, images, and words you want to display on the front of your place card holders.  I tried to choose wine corks of the same size and color to make a set.

Hold the first wine cork firmly in your hand and begin by cutting a slit across the top of the wine cork to make a vertical place card holder.  Be careful not to cut yourself!

Cut along the slit you have made a few more times to deepen it.  Then, squeeze the cork on the sides to open the slit you have cut, and make it a bit wider.

It may take several cuts to make a slit that opens enough to slide a piece of paper inside.

Repeat the steps above to make as many place card holders as you like.

Insert a decorated piece of paper or card stock bearing the name of each guest into the place card holders you have made.

Here are some place card holders I made from old wine corks...aren't they delightful?