Cute-As-A-Button DIY Thumbtacks

I have been giving my office bulletin board a makeover this week with a new, fabric covering (I can’t stand the look of plain cork board) and some cute thumbtacks I made out of a bag of buttons.

This is the fabric for my bulletin board. Warm. Red. Vibrant.

All you need is some hot glue or super glue (keep your nail polish remover handy!), round thumbtacks, and the buttons of your choice.

Obviously, be careful not to glue your fingers together or impale yourself with a thumbtack.  I feel compelled to say this because I once drove a toothpick into my foot.  Not fun.

I used buttons of various sizes and colors (buttons with a concave area on one side work best because they fit nicely on a regular domed thumbtack) See photos in Step One, below.

Step One:  Turn the buttons over so that the concave side is facing up.

Step Two:  Put a dab of glue on the thumbtack.

Step Three:  Glue button to thumbtack by pressing button and thumbtack firmly together for about one minute.

Step Four:  Repeat to make additional thumbtacks.

I tried to use coordinating colors for my bulletin board.  If you want more variety, check out button assortments at craft stores.

This button embellishment would also work well with magnets.

♦♦  Look for an upcoming post on colorful wine charms made from buttons!