A Wedding Cake Alternative: Petits Fours Glacés

Perhaps I should begin by saying that I’m not much of a cake person. If given the choice, I will choose pie over cake every time. So, years ago, when mon mari and I got married, a big, tiered wedding cake was not at the top of my priorities list.

I wanted a long honeymoon at the beach, so I sacrificed the cake.

But not really … read on, mes amies

This is one of our petit fours sample cakes that we got prior to our wedding. The final bows were a bit bigger and prettier than this one.

Instead of a traditional wedding cake, we ordered petits fours glacés from a local bakery.

Petits fours glacés are small, layered cakes. They come in bite-size portions, and often have different flavors and colors of icing between the thin layers of cake. The cakes come in all sorts of flavors too – vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, lemon, etc. You can have the cakes iced with any number of colors or patterns and even vary the shape of the cakes with round, square, and oblong choices at many bakeries.

Since the petits fours were for our wedding, I didn’t want to lose that “cake-cutting” moment, so we constructed an ivory, wooden, tiered display and edged it with pearls. We also bought a small round cake from the same bakery to put on the top tier and decorated it with a floral topper. That was the cake that we cut for photos and saved. We also fed each other the obligatory mouthful of cake – only ours were little petits fours.  And not one bit messy!

The very best part was that we asked the bakery to custom decorate the petits fours for us, which they did, free of charge. I bought little silver wedding bands at a party store, and the bakery put a ring and a colored icing bow on the top of each little cake bite. They came in small wrappers and looked so cute on display for all our guests to enjoy. I think we did the right thing, especially considering that we had a MONSTER wedding buffet for dinner and a chocolate fountain.

Side-note: It gives me great pleasure to say that our wedding guests still tell me, to this day, that the food and desserts we served at our wedding were some of the best food they ever had.

Petits fours glacés are an affordable cake alternative for any special occasion (it doesn’t have to be a wedding). I think the creative toppers for these stylish cake bites are endless – baby rattles, baby blocks, stars, hearts, bells, flowers (including edible flowers), monograms, and graduation year numbers are just a few ideas.

The cost of our small cake to cut and over 150 decorated petits fours was only $200. The bakery even delivered and set up the cakes for that price.  You can’t beat that for a wedding on a budget!