Tips and Tricks for La Maison, Vol. V

This is the “fridge and freezer edition” of my recurring tips and tricks to make tasks around the home a little easier.  If you have any tips to add, please post a comment!

Incorporate Waffle Shelf Liners

The next time you go to the store, pick up some colorful waffle-patterned shelf liners for your refrigerator.  The liners come all rolled up and ready to go.  Just cut the liner to fit the shelves and surfaces in your fridge.  I love this tip for several reasons:

First, waffle shelf liners are a great way to keep food items from slipping on and sticking to refrigerator shelves,

Second, waffle shelf liners come in many fun colors to jazz up an otherwise boring appliance,

Third, waffle shelf liners are easily washable and reusable.

Save Your Sauce Packets!

I have a plastic bin in my fridge designated for saving sauce packets, condiments, and salad dressings.

Whether I have a Honey Mustard that I didn’t use or I got an extra Blue Cheese dressing or Soy Sauce, I save the packets to use in home cooking, bagged lunches, travel, and to add to recipes or bland veggies. I especially like the Sweet and Sour blends in Asian dishes, like a stir fry.

Try Herb “Bouillon” Cubes

If you haven’t heard of frozen, fresh herb “bouillon” cubes, you should definitely give them a try. I have previously blogged about herb paste in a tube (see: Sausage Pasta Milano) and I can’t say enough good things about that product. But, did you know that fresh herbs also come frozen in cubes similar to soup bouillon that you can pop out and use whenever you need them?

These frozen herb cubes are a lifesaver in the winter when fresh herbs may not be readily available and they are especially nice for herbs you enjoy, but use less frequently, because unlike fresh herbs, they have a long shelf life – in your freezer. I have seen herb and spice cubes of all varieties. I especially like the basil and cilantro cubes in my cooking.

Speaking of clever frozen cubes, one final tip that I am sure many of you already know: you can freeze homemade or leftover chicken, beef, turkey, and vegetable stock in ice cube trays and store the cubes in your freezer for future use. How cool is that?