Place Card Primer: Truffles!

I feel like I only have to say the word “truffles” and I’m guaranteed to get some traffic on the blog today.

“And by truffles, I don’t mean pricey mushrooms!”

You can choose any truffles you like!

This is a fun way to make some very delectable place cards using truffles, paper, and toothpicks.

Take the truffle or chocolate of your choice** and gently insert a paper toothpick flag with the name of the guest or the guest’s initial.  Place the truffle on a small dish or leave the truffle in the wrapper and decorate each place setting with this sweet seat marker!

** Instead of truffles you can use gourmet chocolates, caramels, coconut-covered almond balls, or chocolate-covered hazelnut balls.  You just want a chocolate or confection that is big enough to stick a toothpick in.  You can also use this edible place card trick with cupcakes or mini bundt cakes.  How delish!