Luxurious Sugar Scrub

A homemade pick-me-up.

The scorching summer weather has my skin feeling dry and parched.  So this week, I decided to experiment with some pantry staples to see if I could come up with a sugar scrub that I liked that would help my skin through the summer months.

I am also planning on giving a jar of the scrub I made to a dear relative who is visiting next week.  I know she has spent quite a lot on body scrubs in the past, and I think she will love this affordable, homemade version.

I raided my bathroom and kitchen for ingredients.  It was fun to play around with measurements and find out what combination of grimy grit suited me best.  This is what I came up with:

◊ Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipe
Makes 2 small jars of scrub.

1/2 cup organic turbinado sugar [this is spun raw sugar cane that comes in brown crystals]

Look at the cute little jars of sugar scrub!

1/2 cup light brown sugar, tightly packed
1/4 cup almond bath oil [available in retail stores, under $6 for 10 oz.]
1/4 cup jojoba oil [available in markets and natural food stores, under $7 for 4 oz.]
olive oil or additional oil for topping [see below]

You will also need:  2 small jars or containers with lids that make a tight seal

Mix the turbinado sugar and brown sugar in a bowl, breaking up any clumps.  Add the almond and jojoba oils and stir to combine.  The mixture will be wet and grainy.  The look of the wet sugars reminded me of making a graham cracker pie crust…with a little more liquid.

Scoop the sugar scrub into two clean jars, and push the scrub in firmly with your fingers.

Top off the scrub with a thin layer of olive oil, or additional almond or jojoba oil.  Do not overfill or you’ll have a mess!

Side-note When I found the jojoba oil at the store, I also saw avocado oil and pumpkinseed oil.  I wonder how these types of oil would turn out?  I wasn’t able to smell them, so I just used the almond bath oil I had on hand.  Use whatever oils you like.  You can also add essential oils to the scrub for scent and skin benefits, lots of my friends have done this when making bath products at home.