Quick Napkin Rings

It’s the day of your big party and you find yourself without napkin rings.  What to do?  Buying napkin rings can be expensive, especially if you want glitzy ones [they can easily cost $6 a piece].  Instead, look no further than your jewelry drawer and re-purpose some stretchy beaded bracelets to create a fast and clever option for your place settings.

A set of stretchy beaded bracelets can range from $4-10 for multiple bracelets in the same color scheme. Simply fold your napkins as desired, and twist the bracelets onto the napkins. Then adjust the beads so that they fall nicely around the fabric.

For extra flair, you can tuck flatware or a small place card into the beaded “napkin ring.”

These bracelet napkin rings are an affordable and chic solution to a last-minute napkin ring shortage!