Fun Stepping Stones

Last summer, I purchased a stepping stone kit to add a little personality to my yard and garden.  For around $7, I got a box filled with plaster mix, various plastic shapes, glass pebbles and a simple mold.

The plaster is easy to mix together, and then you simply pour it into the mold.  After the mixture sets for a bit, you can decorate the stone however you wish.  I used a toothpick to write a few words and made a design.  After the plaster dries and sets up completely, (I think it took about a day sitting in my garage), you can put a little dirt in the crevices to make the design and/or words more noticeable and place it in your yard or garden, or on your patio.

A set of stepping stones can be a great way to give your outdoor space some charm on the cheap.  If you aren’t pleased with the accessories that come with the kit, try some of these items to decorate your stone: seashells, imitation pearls, small stones, nuts and bolts, colored mineral rocks (ie: amethyst, quartz), or stained glass pieces.

I have even seen tutorials and articles detailing methods for making your own custom-shaped stepping stones using quick setting concrete if you want to think “outside the mold.”  Now it’s time to go outside and jazz up those outdoor areas!  Happy Crafting!

Children-Friendly:  This is a great project for children to do or help with.  Many kits that are available in hobby and craft stores are geared especially toward children and feature cartoon characters, fun shapes, and colors.  This project is a good way to preserve memories, for adults and children alike!