Tips and Tricks for La Maison, Vol. IV

I have been talking about having house guests this week, so in honor of that topic, this is a “guest edition” of my tips and tricks for the home.

  • Recycle Hotel Soaps and Toiletries

When I go on a trip, if I find that I haven’t used the hotel toiletries, I pack them up to take home for my guest bath. I like to display them in basket filled with personal care items for my guests to use. There are plenty of perks: the travel-size toiletries are practically “free” and the perfect size for a few days worth of bathing.

Haven’t been to a hotel recently? Try the travel aisle of the beauty section of any retail store for small, guest-friendly products.

  • Make a Custom Coffee or Tea Bar

Many of my house guests love hot coffee or tea in the mornings, and some folks just can’t wake up properly without their “fix.” When I have overnight house guests, I like to make a little coffee or tea bar on my kitchen counter for this morning ritual.

I use a tea tray or serving platter and fill it with flavored coffees or teas, spoons, cups or mugs, covered sugar (or sugar packets) and tiny cream cups. Be sure to leave a note by the tray telling your guest how to turn on the coffeepot or that fresh cream awaits in the fridge!

If your guest is an early-riser, or a caffeine fanatic, they will appreciate the gesture and maybe even cook you breakfast!

  • Combat Germs With Disposable Guest Towels

Whether you are having dinner guests, a house full of party-goers, or overnight guests, take the “ick” factor out of communal hand washing by purchasing some disposable guest towels. These towels come in all sorts of designs, and some are even packaged in handsome caddies for counter top display. Disposable towels = less germs on your favorite hand towel, and less laundry for you!

  • Invest in Night Lights

If you are expecting overnight guests, buy a few plug-in night lights for interior hallways, stairways, and bathrooms. These lights are inexpensive, and help to show your company the way to a late-night snack or bathroom break in a dark and unfamiliar abode!