Place Card Primer: Food Decorating Gel

By now, you know I have an affinity for place cards!  This is one of the simplest ideas that I’ve come up with over the years to add a little something extra to a table setting.

Colored food decorating gels are available in supermarkets, cooking stores, and craft stores – usually in the baking aisle.  The gels retail for about $3 per tube.  They come every color imaginable and even have glitter and neon options.

For a different take on the traditional place card, I like to monogram a dish on the place setting my guests.  You can write an initial at the top or in the corner of a dinner plate, bread plate, salad plate or on a dessert plate.

You can use whatever script style you are able to pipe on!  The gel washes off easily as you do the dishes, and wipes off with a paper towel if you make a mistake.  I usually wash the gel off after the meal, as I am cleaning up.  I have used all sorts of colors, even black, and have never had a stain.

The color and creativity options are endless, and if your guests are curious – it’s edible!