Tips and Tricks for La Maison, Vol. III

  • Custom Cork Boards

For those of us with a penchant for organization, a plain old cork board (or bulletin board) can be, well, boring. But you can customize any cork board with a piece of wrapping paper or newspaper in just minutes.

— Cut the paper of your choice to the shape of the cork board, making the cut shape a little larger on each side than the cork area you are covering.

— Fold the excess paper over on each side and make nice, straight creases, using your cork board as a guide for the final shape.

— Secure the paper with push-pins in the corners, and along the edges if you wish, while gently pulling the paper to create a nice smooth surface.

— Tack away!

  • Easy Wreath Storage

I like to display a wreath at my front door and change it out with the seasons. However, storing the wreaths can be difficult to do. Wreaths tend to get dusty or crumpled up in closets and they can take up valuable space when not in use. To solve this problem, I re-purposed some screw-in utility hanger hooks and screw-in bike hooks from my garage.

You can attach the hooks to any wall in your home and make a vertical wall display (just look for a stud or attach them to properly installed pegboard). I have the hooks on a wall in my garage, and I gently take the wreaths down and rotate them in and out throughout the year.

  • Corral Your Clips!

If you’re like me, you use bag clips in your pantry for food items like potato chips, pretzels, trail mix, and cookies.

To insure that I always have clips at the ready, I clip them over the metal rail on my pantry shelving. If your pantry uses white closet-type shelving like mine does, this is the rail where you would normally hang clothes hangers.

Don’t have a rail on your pantry shelves? No worries, you can use an adhesive plastic hook to hang a bag filled with clips to the inside wall or door of your pantry. Snackers rejoice!