Some Very “Cool” Ice Cubes

If you are planning a cocktail party or a cook-out this summer, add some interest to your beverage bar by whipping up some unconventional ice cubes.

  • Find Fun Trays

Of course, traditional is nice, but unique ice cube trays are quite easy to find nowadays. Hearts, stars, lips, alphabet letters, puzzle pieces, and martini glasses are just a few of the options. Funky-shaped ice cube trays retail from $1.99 to $15 for more involved shapes. Look in dollar stores to find cheaper, traditional trays.

  • Use Shot Glasses Made of Ice

I actually have some of these silicone molds, and you can find them at specialty stores for about $7. They melt rather quickly, since they are held in your hand. At a poolside fête, they would be a great addition.

  • Mix in Flavorful Ingredients

Who wants plain ice? You can mix in anything from fresh fruit (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, grapes) to small citrus wedges or citrus shavings (of lemon, lime, or orange) or even spicy accents like ginger shavings, cloves, and crystallized ginger. Put your zesty mixers in the tray slots first, then add water and freeze.

You can also make flavored cubes with fresh or bottled fruit juices and fruit nectars. As you drink, the juice gets incorporated with your beverage.  One of my family members makes the best fresh lime ice cubes – they are delicious!

If you plan to make iced tea, you could even add some mint leaves to your cubes, and pretty up your pitcher.

  • Color Code Your Cubes

You can add any color you like to the cubes with a little food coloring – the options are endless!

Children-Friendly: If you plan to use non-alcoholic ingredients, children can give a hand in making and freezing the cubes. These custom cubes are a fun way to beat the summer heat!