Going Out Of Style?! The Thank-You Note

I was raised to believe that proper ladies and gentlemen send thank-you notes, preferably in a timely fashion, after receiving a gift or attending a social event. Of course, in our digital age, the thank-you note has been replaced in large part by the thank-you e-mail or the thank-you text.

However, the old-fashioned Madame in me thinks that nothing can ever really replace the feeling you get when you go to your mailbox only to discover that a dear, old friend, a new acquaintance, or a cherished family member, took a few minutes out of their day to send you a heartfelt message of thanks.

In an increasingly electronic world, a handwritten thank-you note takes on an even more important significance: in writing to you, the person had to:

  1. buy stationery,
  2. write the note,
  3. buy stamps, and
  4. send it in the mail.

Now, for a person like me, sending a handwritten thank-you to someone is not only a routine practice, it is also something I enjoy. I love to pick out beautiful papers, unique designs, whimsical cards, colored envelopes, and seals. I also like to experiment with labels, script styles, and different inks.

A handwritten thank-you note can be a wonderful expression of your personality, a tribute to the style of the person you are thanking, or an opportunity to share a special joke between the two of you. At the very least, it tells the person you appreciated their hospitality.

I hope to motivate you all to take up this nearly-forgotten practice of sending a handwritten note of gratitude. It only takes a few extra moments to compose a message by hand, and I guarantee it will leave an impression on the person who receives it.

Side-note: I also make a practice of sending special notes to potential employers who granted me an interview, sending holiday cards to previous employers just to keep in touch, and sending thanks to friends and co-workers who have done me a kindness. The responses are amazing. I have even been told that my extra efforts helped to cement me as the perfect candidate for previous employment!