Tips and Tricks for La Maison, Vol. II

  • Buy A Stained Home Accent!

If you see the perfect napkin, place mat, tablecloth, or pillow with a seemingly permanent stain on it, don’t walk away. Take a closer look. If the stain is small enough, and in the right place, you may be able to cover it with some creativity.

An example: Over a year ago, I saw the perfect pillow for my home on clearance (what luck!), but it had an unsightly black stain on it about the size of a dime (yuck!)

I took the pillow home and dug out some colored sequins from my craft basket. I removed the pillow cover (luckily it had a cloth insert and was outfitted with a zipper). With a needle and thread I sewed some sequins on the front of the pillow in a pattern I liked and repeated the small pattern in couple of other areas for uniformity.

The stain was gone (at least to the naked eye), I got compliments on the pillow, and a good bargain!

  • Never Wonder Which Way is Up Again: Electrical Plug Safety

One of my family members deserves all the credit for coming up with this next helpful tip to make inserting electrical plugs easier. Have you ever inserted an electrical plug in the outlet the wrong way only to bend over to squint at it and try to re-insert it the other way? Instead of fumbling around with plugs, use a permanent marker or paint marker and put a dot of color on the top of the plug to indicate which side correctly fits the outlet. Use a light color like white or silver on black or brown plugs, and a darker color like red or blue on white plugs. This tip will save you from a nasty shock and a backache!

  • Organize With Ice Cube Trays!

I heard this tip from someone who heard it from someone who is clearly brilliant. Ice cube trays make great organizers for small items like earrings and rings in your jewelry chest, cosmetics, small office supplies (think pushpins, paperclips, brads, erasers, and magnets) and sewing accessories like thimbles, needle threaders, and small spools of thread. The trays fit easily into most drawers for quick access, and some ice cube trays are even stackable. The very best part? The trays come in trendy colors like fuchsia, lavender, lime, and bright blue and are available at most dollar stores. Can’t beat this bargain!