Knock-Me-Out Roses

There is a reason why this blog doesn’t have a Gardening category.  I kill everything.  Yes, you heard me right, everything.  It’s a really sore spot with me, mostly because I try so hard, and each Spring I say to myself: “This year will be different.”  And it isn’t.

So this year, I decided to forgo annuals in my front yard, and buy some Knock Out Roses

If you have ever tried to grow Knock Out Roses, you know that they are hailed for being hearty, resistant to disease, and requiring little water or care.  I purchased the Sunny Knock Out which is a new, yellow type of Knock Out Rose that is supposed to have the most fragrant flowers of all the varieties of Knock Out Roses.  A fact, which I’m sure I could enjoy, IF my rose bushes had any flowers on them.

I planted the bushes in large, deep holes in my front yard, where they would have plenty of sun.  I bought them expensive Knock Out Rose food, rich soil, and mulch to make them happy.  I have watered them lovingly, but sparingly, about once a week or so, when the soil gets dry.  I have had the bushes for over a month, and at first, there were flowers.  Beautiful, yellow, buttery flowers.

Now all the flowers are dead, and only stumps remain because I decided to deadhead the bushes in hopes that I would be awash in fragrant, yellow blooms.  It hasn’t happened yet, but I am optimistic.  I go out and plead with them daily to flower.  Sometimes I even curse them from my window, when I find that they haven’t magically flowered overnight.

This won’t be the year I yank my flowers out of the ground and drag them, receipt in hand, back to the garden center for a refund. 

Here’s to hoping.