A Jumbo Rod in a Jam

In one of my previous homes, I had a gargantuan window. It was in the bedroom, facing east, and the cost of a curtain rod to fit it was very high, (much more than I could afford to spend at that time). A curtain rod long enough to fit the space was also hard to find due to the size of said, huge window.

Well, I was not about to give up, so it became time to get a bit creative. I went to my local home improvement store looking for a wooden dowel rod that would be the right size, or at least a wooden rod that would be big enough for me to cut down. The store, however, did not have anything large enough in stock.

Hmm….What to do? As I was walking toward the front of the store in frustration, my eye caught a long, thin metal pipe. It was the same circumference as a normal curtain rod, and of similar weight. And, thankfully, it was more than long enough for the job.

At home, I had a family member cut the pipe down to my custom size, and wedge wooden finials with carpenter’s glue in each end. Then the whole thing got a few coats of brown spray paint. When it came time to mount the rod to the wall, we used a sturdy brand of metal curtain brackets to hold it up. For those of you that might be wondering, the weight of the pipe has never been an issue, it really is quite light.  For under $15, I was able to make the custom curtain rod I needed (I already had the finials and the spray paint).

My custom rod has now seen me through three different homes. It looks great in my current home—and it just so happens to fit another big window I’ve been blessed with.

I am sure that visitors to my home have no idea that when they look at my window, they’re really looking at my jumbo rod I made in a jam when nothing else would fit. Remember: when it comes to your home, you really can re-purpose anything!

♦ ♦ Safety First: Please be safe when painting or doing any home improvement project — use protective masks and clothing, paint in a well-ventilated area, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using any product.