Tips and Tricks for La Maison, Vol. I

I find that one of the things I like to share more than anything is an ingenious tip that makes my life a little easier. Especially when the tips involve simpler ways to clean my home. Let’s face it – no one likes cleaning. No one. I’m a bit of a neat freak, and even I don’t like it.

I love using items you already have around your home to speed up your cleaning time and be a bit “green” in the process. Here are some good tips I’ve heard lately:

  •  Using Citrus Leftovers for Cleaning A Stainless Steel Sink:

If you are cooking with citrus – save the leftover halves after juicing, cut into manageable pieces, and rub them on your stainless steel sink. The citrus cuts grease and grime and leaves your sink smelling fruity fresh!

  • Using Softsoap Brand Handsoap for Dirt & Blood Stains:

With tough stains, time can be of the essence in getting fabrics clean. If you have a bottle of Softsoap [available in most stores] try this sink staple on your dirt or blood stains. If used in a timely manner with warm or cool water, depending on stain type, it can easily remove stubborn substances.  I have used it on a number of fabrics over the years with success and no discoloration.  Be sure to check the fabric care labels on any items you clean for specific instructions from the manufacturer.

  • Using a Lint-Roller on Lamp Shades:

How many times have you seen dust on your lamp shades that won’t rub off without a mess? Use a lint roller with disposable sticky pads to remove dust quickly. Perhaps, even a conventional lint roller might do the trick. Let me know if any of you have tried a conventional one for this job!