My Love Affair With Flat Black!

Have you ever said to yourself: “Ugh, if I only knew what to do with that old….[insert name of worn, but beloved wooden furniture item here].  Then mes amies, flat black paint may be the answer for you.  It’s a great way to breathe new life into that furniture item that may have been on the list for your next yard sale.

Nowadays, it seems as though the modern aesthetic is everywhere in the form of clean lines, bold colors, and minimal, purposeful accessories.  If you want to channel the chic and clean look of a modern loft, it can be as easy as a trip to your local home improvement store.

This was originally oak and had ugly stencils - look what a little paint can do!

A few coats of flat black paint can give your favorite furnishings a much-needed update and compliment any decor.  Thankfully, it’s also cheap, [around $10 for a quart] which makes it a great choice for folks on a budget.  Furthermore, it covers a multitude of imperfections, as in: dents, scratches, unsightly finishes, and distasteful colors that are no longer á la mode.  And finally, it allows you to “be green” while saving some green — in your wallet.

So if you identify more with an urban loft feel, and less with rustic, laminate, or wood-grained finishes, give an old end table, vanity, or sideboard a few coats of flat black paint.  It’s simple to prepare any wood or faux-wood surface for painting with a wedge of sandpaper [check to be sure you’re using the proper grit] and a little elbow grease.  If you want a glossy, sealed finish, you can even cover the flat black paint with some polyurethane after your initial coats have dried.  This will give you a shiny, easy-to-wipe surface that repels moisture.

If the existing hardware on your furniture item seems a bit dated too, some new pulls, knobs, or hinges can make a big impact for a little extra coin.  There are many affordable and interesting options out there to add extra personality to your finished product.

Be advised: a quart of paint can go a long way.  I was able to do a coffee table, a banquette, a single-sink vanity, some trim boards, and miscellaneous accessories before running out.  And as an added bonus: flat black paint also comes in a spray can for metal items around your home or in those instances where only spray paint will do.

If black isn’t your thing, remember: a fresh coat of any color paint can make all the difference in the world when it comes to updating your home — feel free to explore different colors and finishes to make an item truly yours.

♦ ♦ Safety First: Please be safe when painting or doing any home improvement project — use protective masks and clothing, paint in a well-ventilated area, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using any product.